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make fitness & health a lifestyle

Our Certified Personal Trainers are here to guide you in achieving all of your health and fitness goals! Our trainers take the guesswork out of workout planning, aid in injury prevention by teaching proper movement mechanics, assist with nutritional guidance, and give you all the motivation you need! 

No plan works for everyone, which is why our programs are customized entirely to each individual client. 

We offer a complimentary personal training session to each member at our facility. We encourage all members to try out a session with a trainer to learn how to set realistic goals, how to achieve those goals, and of course they will put you through a great workout! 

Book your first session below! You can also call 978-235-4597 or E-mail Lori@energizedpt.com to book your session.


push your limits


One-of-a-kind workouts.  Exercises you won’t see on a typical gym floor. Expertly designed by top trainers in the area. Transform your body. Demolish your goals. Come back for more! Exclusively at Energized Fitness & Training.

Our Fit-Camp program is designed to challenge your body in new ways by providing consistently changing workouts using a variety of types of exercise. Each class has a unique focus, giving you a well-rounded week of workouts! Our Certified Personal Trainers will guide you through 45 minute workouts that will transform your body and push your strength to new levels.

E-mail Lori@energizedpt.com to try a Fit-Camp class on us!